Has anyone been disappointed with the new 80-400?

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Re: You may be right about the focal length.

NikonManSoCal wrote:

Great feedback - I did order one - I'll post my own feedback once I have time to use it in the field (mainly for casual wildlife/birds). My primary concern is focus breathing (as noted here by many) - but I knew that going in and came to terms with it as it seems endemic to all 3x+ Nikkor zooms.

Strange that at 400mm long range the lens is more like ~380mm ... My final decision was based on its performance at ~400mm vs. the 70-200/TCII at ~400mm. I don't have the 400 2.8 prime (I use the 500mm f4) so I want be able to test long range breathing at 400mm.

You may be right about the focal length. Roger Cicala from LensRentals says the length is "about" 75-385 mm. Does this bother me ? Not at all. I just recently sold my 300 f/4 AFS and am planning to order this lens before the rebate expires. I have read many good things about this lens and look forward to owning one myself.


Here's the link that I refer to. A couple of paragraphs under "conclusion":


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