A7, Canon 70d, Or a6000?

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Re: Only change if ...

darklamp wrote:

You should only change camera if :

  • You prefer the handling of one of those systems to the others so much that it's worth the change.
  • They offer something your existing camera cannot do
  • There is a particular type of lens you want that is not available for your existing camera but the other one has a suitable lens.


I agree with you 100%. I am glad to hear you say it.

I am moving from a Canon G1X to an Olympus EM 10 (with a Pan 20mm f1.7) because I much prefer the handling and more important, it has a fine 60mm f2.8 lens that I have tested that works well for digitizing full frame and half-frame slides, of which I have thousands, and is great for portraiture.

But I have no illusions that the quality of my images will improve (outside of digitization of slides.) That depends on my ability as a photographer, unfortunately.

I think that the camera is a distant third in its influence on the a quality of the image (except in specialized areas like sports or digitization of slides, which require specialized lenses).

Of more influence is the ability of the photographer.

Of greatest influence is the  SUBJECT, the subject that calls to the  photographer. IF a subject calls to the photographer and truly engages him or her.

From that engagement, composition and lighting will emerge naturally,  to whatever extent made possible by the subject and the situation. This means of course that some of the greatest photographs are unsharp or badly lighted or technically flawed in other ways.


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