Sharpest 24mm prime to go on a D610

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Re: The answer isn't a prime...


Agreed. The good stuff at 24mm isn't an affordable prime.

MY 24F2.8D is indeed mush in the corners. Never liked it on film or FX, tried to like it on DX but was underwhelmed there.

At one point I thought I'd run a 'quick' test of all my 24mm options to see how they compared against each other on my (then newish) D700. I included my DX zooms, partly because the 12-24DX zoom doesn't vignette at 24mm.

My 14-24 seemed to be the winner. Not really affordable though.

Test shots here:

Thank you for that comparison. I shoot a lot at 24mm when travelling. Sometimes i want wider but i don't know how much. Here at home, sometimes, I test how wide i would need and sometimes actually 14mm would be handy, but when traveling though, that's a lot harder to predict. Anyway the 14-24mm always scared me because 'it's kinda weak at 24mm' comments. At 14mm it's prime qualilty (at least), but at 24mm the opinion are much more diverse. Then the 24-70mm also is bad at 24mm. I was like 'is getting th 24mm F1.4 (more expensive then both actually) the only option? But with your comparison, I really like how the 14-24mm fare, even at it's weakest (supposedly) focal length. With this lens i basically would buy prime quality from 14-18mm, and 90-95% prime quality in the rest of the range. More then good enough for me.

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