Calumet Announces Immediate Closing in the US

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Re: what's wrong with B&H site?

robert fuller wrote:

henryp wrote:

Jerry Gardner wrote:

It's also often offline for ordering when I particularly want to order something, like on a Saturday and the numerous religious holidays they're closed.

B&H's site is 24/7/365 except order entry is offline Friday evenings and Saturdays (and a handful of holidays) when commerce is prohibited. We regret this brief hiatus is an inconvenience.

Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video

Henry, I personally congratulate you for having the respect for your religion. I wish all others would also, no matter which religion they practice. I am a firm believer that all stores (no matter what kind) should have to close one day a week if for nothing else to give the employees a break. I can say this from working in a small family business (not mine) for 39 years. The first 10 years we were closed on Sundays, then peer pressure forced us to be open 7 days. It's a shame.

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If you rotate employees, everybody can have 2 days off. Of course it is not for 1-employee businesses, but you have to have some minimal scale anyway. Nobody reduces your rent and other costs because your shop is closed.

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