12-32 vs 14-42 (ii) vs 14-45

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Olympus System with 12-32 mm ... happy!

A user perspective:  I bought a Panasonic 12-32 mm for use on Olympus camera bodies and I'm very happy with it.  I also considered the Panasonic 14-45 mm but decided against it based on size.  Formal reviews say the 12-32 is comparable in IQ to the 14-45 ... but the 14-45 is, by comparison, enormous with its lens hood.  I've done informal sharpness tests and the 12-32 seems almost equal to the Panasonic 20 mm (but not quite), which is a positive and a confirmation of the quality of the lens.  It is definitely sharper than the Olympus 14-42 mm kit zoom.

I've found that, for me, size DOES matter ... which is why I changed from a Nikon system to MFT in the first place.  The 12 mm at the low end was also very appealing since the 12-32 gives you very decent wide angle to slightly more than a normal lens.  I have the E-P2, E-P3, E-M10 and about everything in between ... and tend to take the PM1/PM2 on walkabouts based on size and "palmability".  The 12-32 mm is a perfect match for camera bodies that size.  When IQ, speed, or DOF really matter, I use a prime lens.  If size didn't matter, I'd go for the 12-35 (or 12-40 if you don't mind an Olympus lens.)  For the same reason -- size -- I'm anxiously awaiting the rumored Panasonic 35-100 mm compact zoom if it has a quality and IQ equal to the 12-32 mm.

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