Pre-wedding questions

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slimandy wrote:

Just a Photographer wrote:

slimandy wrote:

Just a Photographer wrote:

Photography is not about the gear you onw, its about being able to capture the right moment.

And being able to capture the moment that she will cherish for the rest of her life has nothing to do with owning the right gear for the job?

For me NO.
A good camera, good eyes, a good set of ears, knowing the rituals and knowing your camera and the technique to combine with your own creativity is in basic all you need to do be a good wedding photographer. Or to be a good photographer in general.

The camera is just a tool. Its just another hammer to nail the picture.
Yes I have been using my D4 for many weddings in the past and sure the D4 is very helpful in my workflow. But for wedding photography the X-T1 is a great tool already, with the advantage of better blending in the crowd.

Although I have not used my X-T1 for long enough to be 100% sure, but I feel its completely up to the task. Its autofocus seems to be good enough for wedding photography. As you should know wedding photography is not an actionsport.... but its more of an art.

Wedding photography is therefore more about knowing your own skills and using your creativity then to own 'the best' gear. The 'better' gear on itself does not automatically make you a great photographer.

You have contradicted yourself somewhat. I said you need the right gear to do the job, you said 'no', then you wrote 2 paragraphs about having the right gear for the job.

All the cameras have their own limitations. You have to find your way to work around your tool. But, I can't wait to hear from @Just a Photographer report back that he sold all his Nikon gears and use 100% X-T1 for his professional and hobby projects.

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