A7, Canon 70d, Or a6000?

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Re: A7, Canon 70d, Or a6000?

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Hello, I recently purchased sony a7 from B&H but I am still looking for more opinions on whether to keep it or not. I just want to do photography for fun, nothing serious. Looking at cameras has always fascinated me and I'm actually excited that I'm finally getting one but I don't know if I made the right choice. I mainly shoot still objects for fun. Also, I'm considering the 70d because of its price point but the size of it is too intimidating for a beginner like me.I don't know much about the a6000 but I have been hearing good reviews about it. HELP PLS!

It depends on why you are asking this question. The a7 is a fine camera and the only FF of the three. Sony a6000 is from the same mount but APSc (and sounds like a very capable camera while being the cheapest). The 70D is an APSc DSLR but with mirrorless intentions for liveview.

If you really want to enjoy photography, I would keep a7 and pick up a few legacy lenses. You can do the same with a6000 but with FF, you get to use the lens for the field of view it was designed for.

Yeah.... I agree, the A7 seems like an ideal camera to use with old lenses. As long as you don't mind manual focusing you could have a range of really nice lenses for cheap. For the stuff that you know that you're really going to want AF capabilities you can buy a few Sony lenses as well. I think that there's an article on here about using the A7 with legacy lenses and I might check that out. 
Honestly, if it were me and I was looking at all of those choices I think that I'd probably choose the A7 largely because it would seem to work so well with those old lenses and I love the idea of using the best of the new with the old...

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