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Re: Could be a power problem

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I have not asked this before.
Have you tried a mains adapter. I really suspect it is power related.

I don't have a K3 but did experience the issue with my K-r before whenever using the stock batteries. I just used Eneloops and the problem was solved. Have not experienced the same problem with my K5II and the stock batteries.

I haven't had the issue with the K5-II I have either... in over 100,000 shutter actuations now. Rock solid, not a single problem.

Interesting what you say about the Eneloops. There's been a lot of speculation it's a battery/power problem. The only question that raises, is why would it then also happen with the AC Adapter? (rhetorical, not directed at you)


I haven't read all the posts on this subject, but the AC adapter probably has voltage control circuitry built into it to prevent over-charging and damaging the batteries.  So until some more knowledgeable about chargers comes along, i wouldn't rule out the AC Adapter.  But for this to be a problem, there also had to be a coincident problem with the charger that came with one or both of our K3's.  Its hard to believe all those AC devices are messed up coincidentally.

What's sad about this issue, is Pentax reportedly put a 200,000 cycle rated shutter in the K3.  I can only guess some bad parts showed up in both of your K3's, which sounds lame to me as soon as i wrote it

Best of luck to you and thanks for all the work to sort this out.

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