Why I want a G1X, and hesitate

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Re: Why also I want a G1X, and also hesitate

Meiki67 wrote:

rkhndjr wrote:

I hit the wrong key, or button. As I was going to say, a lot is written on the forums about cameras and lenses but rarely does anyone talk of their inability to buy new cameras and lenses due to cost. I realize that most here are younger and working, or older and have a good pension and buying on a whim is nothing to them. Some, like me, are old and money is scarce when you have to consider possible expenses later in your life. So, to get to the point, I am in the house daily at this time and by myself. My children help me with nutrition and shopping of course. Time is what I have to consider when it comes to using it in a manner indoors that will keep me sane. I use this PC, a Kindle and watch a little TV and do some domestic chores. But I need a way to keep my mind stimulated and the G1X would be a nice learning tool indoors as well as a short time in the yard. Mainly I wish to learn it and get it set up first then practice indoors a while. By now you are tired of reading so I will ask any thoughts on a matter such as this one. Does it all boil down to " make your own decisions" type of thing? But I am serious and this is one way to spend time for me. Any decent comments are welcome. I am aware of the G1x and all its faults, or the couple I read about. My LX3 will take care of macros for me and a slow AF is no problem. Landscapes are a favorite, along with people on street.

Thanks so much for reading this.

Russell Smith

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Dear Russell,

I read only now this long thread - you got a lot of responses and received certainly a lot of stuff to think about (and I think you mentioned that you already have decided to go for the G1X MK1).

I simply want to thank you for sharing with us your everyday background and the thoughts you had to come to a decision which camera to buy and want also add a little bit of my thoughts. My situation is similar to yours insofar as I step already with one foot to retirement and also can afford only ONE new camera every two or three years. I am now in the third year with my S95 - a camera which took me a few month to decide to go for her and since than I am very satisfied with her - have her 24/6 on my waist. You can see my fotos here and here. A few month after I bought the S95 the G1X came out and I immediately knew that this is the camera of my dreams and because of her known shortcomings (and also my budget) I have decided to wait for the G2X. I wrote elsewhere my whishlist.

Now that only a few weeks seperates me from realizing this dream (and forget all that hipe and pixelpeeping which goes around here in the forum) I slided into a kind of crisis because I understood that my level of photography is not realy something I can be proud of myself (and for myself) and spending a few hundred dollars on a new gadget won't make my pictures better. In fact I came to the conclusion that I should stay with my S95 as long as I do not make better photos and only if I have decided for myself that my seeing has improved and that my picture taking is becoming better and that my postprocessing ascended a class I should pamper myself with a new camera. On the other hand I see that the IQ of the G1X is really a lot better than the S95 and maybe this will give the missing touch to my photos ... ?

Meiki, I just read this and want to thank you. I canceled my order on the G1x since I thought it over and realized that my LX3 was doing as good a job as I am capable of doing with any camera. I say, keep your S95 and be happy. The added features of a G1X or others will not improve your photography. Good luck with whatever you do.



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Russell Smith
Eternity was in that moment.

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