ZS40 versus LF1 Imaging Resources Comparison

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Re: ZS40 versus LF1 Imaging Resources Comparison

cainn24 wrote:

saudidave wrote:

Thank you, I couldn't give a monkeys. I've stated that I don't usually pixel peep and I don't, nor am I geeking, or being a nerd. You don'y need a loupe to spot the difference, a glass eye could see it.

You know, that little humourous dig at the end of my post was supposed to be something of an olive branch. A way of saying "hey, despite our differences, there's still a bit of fun to be had with all this".

And there were some important points to, like a legitimate discussion about how little studio comparison shots tell you about real-world performance sometimes.

I couldn't agree more, it's the real world that counts, however I'm surprised by how much sharper the ZS40 is on that comparison, studio or not. Olive branch accepted.


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