ZS40 versus LF1 Imaging Resources Comparison

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Re: ZS40 versus LF1 Imaging Resources Comparison

cainn24 wrote:

Lobalobo wrote:

But what you describe is pixel peeping, at least as I understand it. I stand by the spirit of my original post, no noticeable differences (at least without significant magnification). In any case, we agree that the ZS40 is a great camera, just slower and bigger than the LF1. Question is whether the extra zoom is worth it.

The problem with this sort of comparison is:

1) there is no DOF equivalence given the different 35mm equivalent focal lengths and sensor sizes, yet this is not really a two-dimensional test scene. At the chosen settings, the LF1 will throw background objects out of critical focus that the TZ60 will not.

2) we're only examining a single focal length, yet both cameras have lenses that vary in performance quite considerably throughout the focal length range. The LF1 in particular is known for its excellent center sharpness but suffers from edge and corner softness particularly at shorter focal lengths. In fact this example shows exactly that: the LF1 is sharper than the TZ60 in the center, but clearly softer toward the edges of the frame. At longer focal lengths things would likely be somewhat different. In fact things would likely be different in real-world shooting conditions too since as GeraldW once pointed out, the only LF1 sample shots that show extreme corner/edge softness are pictures of flat objects (like these). So what we most likely have here, as Gerald also pointed out, is an example of an optical abberation known as Petzval field curvature. In fact after looking up some of the most pronounced visual examples of the phenomenon, I instantly recognized it as something I had seen before when photographing some collectible coins on piece of textured fabric. I don't have samples anymore since I deleted them in disgust and grabbed another camera to complete the job, but what I saw was pretty much precisely this: http://microscopy.berkeley.edu/Resources/aberrations/curvature.html

Tl;dr: the LF1 isn't always soft toward the edges of the frame when you're out taking pictures of the real world.

Now that'swhat I call geeking out And I'm dedicating it to saudidave, just to drive him nuts

Thank you, I couldn't give a monkeys. I've stated that I don't usually pixel peep and I don't, nor am I geeking, or being a nerd. You don'y need a loupe to spot the difference, a glass eye could see it.

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