D700 to Second hand D3s or D4 ?

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Re: D700 to Second hand D3s or D4 ?

I have used all 3 models at one time or another. Here are my experiences:

- D700 to D3s or D4 will get you about 1 – 2 stops improved IQ at high ISO.

- I shoot in AF-C mode, I got more keepers in low light situation as I moved up the models from D700-D3s-D4

- 12 MP to 16 MP – marginal improvements there.

- if you shoot with the grip – I am assuming you are using the larger D3 battery in your D700 – cannot complain about the battery life of those puppies.

- the D3s will allow you to keep the same battery and memory setup (but with duo CF) you have already.

- the D4 means you will need a XQD card, if you want to shoot with duo cards and a new battery.

- the buffer is much improved in the D3s or D4 but not a worry unless you shoot sports

One other point you didn’t mention - what lenses you are shooting with.

If you are currently using F4 lenses, moving to F2.8 lenses will get you 1 stop gain. Moving from F2.8 to F1.4 lenses is 2 stops gained. Ok – maybe F1.4 lenses are not the most economical but there are some very economical F1.8 primes out there now.

So really – there are at least 2 ways to skin the cat here – go for the body upgrade or go for the lens upgrade. You gain some marginal AF improvements in low light in terms of speed and hit rate if you move up the body chain. The D3s and D700 and D300 share a lot of common accessories – not so the D4. Long term – lens technology last and hold their value better than bodies.

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