Sharing travel photography original full size files with travel companions, yes or no?

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Re: You're a photographer and they're not

jayrandomer wrote:

I'm probably a lot different than you, though, in that that the level of friend someone needs to be for me to share photos with them is much lower than the level of friend would have to be before I shared vacation time with them.

I can certainly agree with this ! Though recently, I've been looking at "guided travel" (tour groups) as a possibility for traveling overseas with our daughter, who is an only child ... I'm not completely sold on the idea, but the possible pluses are: other children (also a possible minus !), stress-free travel in countries where English isn't ubiquitous, and a handful of activities that would be difficult to arrange. (My wife and daughter are much more outgoing than I, so would enjoy some company). Potential downsides are numerous, which is why I'm not completely sold on it yet Anyway, I could see people possibly asking for pictures, and I'd probably be happy to share pictures sizes for 8x12" prints with anyone who's friendly. (OTOH, I run into enough people with a sense of entitlement that I'd have no trouble ignoring the request). I've mailed a DVD of a performance to someone I'd never met so she could bring it to show family over the holidays, because my daughter (who was in the show) liked the girl and the woman sounded very nice and appreciative. I'm typically generous with my pictures, because as you say, a picture someone enjoys is better than idle bits on a hard drive. As for who I'm generous with, that's just human interaction stuff, same as deciding who you're willing to do any kind of favor for.

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