For the 20-40 ED Limited lovers, a good review

Started Mar 14, 2014 | Discussions thread
PolarHki Regular Member • Posts: 339
Re: For the 20-40 ED Limited lovers, a good review

Isn't the lens a double tube design where the inner tube extends most at 20 mm?

(It looks like that on the images here, at least: )

So if the inner tube is misaligned, it would make sense that the lens gives poor results at the wide end (inner tube most extended), but good results at the far end (inner tube most inside).

Of course, with a lens at this price level, one should believe that quality control or at latest the service center would notice this and replace the lens. But unfortunately Pentax seems to be known for very wide limits of what is considered as "very good". The most famous example being the photozone review of the 18-135 that was obviously a bad sample, and Klaus sent it back twice to service, both times being told that everything was "within factory limits" or so...

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