D700 to Second hand D3s or D4 ?

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D700 to Second hand D3s or D4 ?


I'm in full time employment and am a hobbyist / enthusiast photographer and am on the 2nd module of my OCA BA degree in Photographer.

I use a D700, often with grip. My photography has moved on bounds with this camera having previously used a D90. I have started shooting weddings and feel I am restricted with having to use flash and slow down my work and feel I need lower light capability with higher usable ISO.

In addition I am likely greedy and  want to move to a newer camera.

Low used great condition secondhand  D3s sel at about £2.5k and for D4 about £3.2K. I have saved well but have a dillema of which to buy

The D3s likely meets my requirements now but this investment will need to last a long time. I know 12.1mp file sizes are OK but do i need to future proof myself with larger file sizes

My question, if its not clear is if the current difference between secondhand D3s and D4 worth spending for the differences in camera. I suspect both will have features and elements beyond what I currently use and know but then that was the case with the D90 and D700 and using these cameras and knowing them well has really progressed my photography

I've been thinking about this for sometime and have waited for the D4 replacement (D4S) to come out so now D4 secondhand prices are reduced as more become available. My upgrade will mean the sale of my D700 but I will keep my D300 back-up

Any views / thoughts will be appreciated. I intend to keep my next camera purchase for a minimum of 5 years.  The d800 may be to slow for some things I do, files quite big but dynamic range good but I think D800 has a reduced DR to D3s and D4 when you start using higher ISO. Use of my D700 and ISO has allowed the capture of great images but I am also missing more. D600 is nono as its not a D700 replacement in anyway (in my opinion) great camera it may be


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