Struggling with purchase options. X Vario or used M9

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Re: Struggling with purchase options. X Vario or used M9

Haha, ditto my friend. I can feel your similar passion for photography and the XV, both in your photos and your words Rodrigue. I, too, now look for stupid reasons to take photos with this camera.

You are a very talented photographer, btw. I always enjoy your photos and your insights.

I also totally agree with what you said in your excellent XV blog/review - that from the moment you put the XV in your hand - it felt like "deja vu", like it's something (or a good friend) you've known and been familiar with for a long time. The XV has a great feel and layout (except for that damn D-pad location), and it is very intuitive for "deliberative" photography.

Having owned & shot with many fine cameras before, I cannot believe how much more I am enjoying the X Vario than any camera before, and this emotional attachment I now have. LOL.

Years ago, I fell in love with Zeiss G prime lenses and the (finicky) Contax G2, as a smaller, high IQ solution instead of lugging SLR's, but the hassle from carrying and changing even those small lenses took a lot of fun away from the overall experience. All my interchangeable lens cameras have ultimately become like boat anchors to me in most of the situations I am in (with my family).

Now, not having to change lenses, having such versatility and wonderful handling and feel, and getting unmatched IQ from that special lens make the XV a great all-in-one camera to have on-hand to capture the world around us...

Cheers from NY!

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