E-M1 Focus problems

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Re: My guess

thxbb12 wrote:

I think your issue is either of these 2 things (or a mixture of both):

  1. Shutter shock
  2. Faulty AF

The last picture totally looks like shutter shock to me. Up to f/8, diffraction won't significantly affect your image quality. I also own an E-M1 and I shoot landscapes between f/5.6 and f/8 and I can hardly tell them apart when pixel peeping.

Your last image clearly looks like shutter shock to me. The first 2 are difficult to gauge. The thing is, DOF is so large with MFT that if you are above f/5.6, most of the image is in focus and there will always be a good portion of the scene that's very sharp. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be the case with your pics. I have a hard time believing you're doing something very wrong, especially given you have a D300.

I'd send the body back to Olympus to get it checked. Shutter shock happens, but it's a rare occurrence. It happens to me once in a while (very annoying), but it's rare. When it happens it looks very much like your last shot. Your body may have a mechanical issue regarding the shutter or the AF or both. That would be my bet.

Hi Florent

Thanks. I pretty much think its shutter shock.

It's back with Olympus (who currently have 'misplaced' it) with my test shots.

We'll see what happens.


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