ZS40 versus LF1 Imaging Resources Comparison

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Re: ZS40 versus LF1 Imaging Resources Comparison

If you look at ISO 800 it is a different story and the ZS40 pictures are looking jaded and smudgy whereas the LF1 is holding up very well (the bottle label shows this very well). The 18mp is great at ISO100 in good light but is bound to start to bite you when the conditions get difficult. Nothing really unexpected here so you are right in your choice if the zoom is not important.

Lobalobo wrote:

Dan W wrote:

I do like the range of the ZS40 but am willing to live with the limitations of the LF1 in that area because of its lens and sensor.

But that's the point; at least in good light, the larger sensor seems not to make a difference. Perhaps in low light, the larger sensor will matter, and certainly the faster lens will, but it does not seem that the size of the sensor, though significantly larger on the LF1 gives it a big advantage over the ZS40.

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