My 7-14 takes filters ... at the rear end

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Re: Pictures of Filters cut for Pany 7-14mm and Wratten Filter Source?

madugo wrote:

Anders W wrote:

madugo wrote:

Anders W wrote:

madugo wrote:

Anders W wrote:

madugo wrote:

Hi Anders,

Did you get the Wratten filters too?


Was it just large sheet of filter that you have to cut it into smaller squares that would fit into the holder?

It wasn't particularly large (2x2 inches) but that suffices to make four pieces of the size you need.

Do we have to cut it really precisely in order to fit in the holder?


Did you find it hard to cut? Any tips how to measure and cut it?

Not particularly difficult to cut it. See here for measures:

One additional thing: Keep the filter in the protective paper with which you get it when cutting. You don't want fingerprints on it. Impossible to wipe off without scratching the filter in my experience.

Thanks a lot for the info.

Got my parts from panasonic a little over a month after ordering, but did not have time to put it on. I will try it tonight and see how it goes.

Best of luck with the "surgery".

everything went well, now I am just waiting for the 2A to ship.

do you think it is necessary to order the 2E also?

Good! No, I don't think it's necessary to order the 2E. The 2A does the job all right. A 2E might do it even more thoroughly with regard to purple flare and purple fringing alike. But you'd also lose a bit more light, especially blue light, in the process and that's a drawback. I don't really know for sure whether a 2A or 2E is the best alternative since I have only used one of them myself (2A) and haven't seen anyone else try a 2E either. What I know is that 2A is in all likelihood the weakest filter available that will get the job done pretty well. Anything weaker than that is unlikely to have much of an effect.

Thanks for the explanation again, I did order the 2A like a week ago with BH, but they don't carry it so it has to be ordered, don't know when they will arrive.

They had the 2E in stock, was going to order it but I thought i would asked first.

Let's see how hard the cut and fit will be once the 2A arrived lol..

Not entirely surprised to learn that B&H didn't have 2A in stock. These filters were originally made for B&W film photography (for better contrast in hazy conditions) and I don't think they sell many of these for that purpose any more. We should be glad that they are still around at all so that we can buy and use them for a quite different purpose than the one for which they were originally intended.

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