Sharing travel photography original full size files with travel companions, yes or no?

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You're a photographer and they're not

kayone wrote:

CN: travel companions who ask for all if your original size trip photos, entitled or reasonable request?

General question for you guys when it comes to travel photography and traveling with friends who may or may not be serious photography enthusiasts :

For you single or unmarried types who travel with friends and the primary objective is to holiday and enjoy yourselves, but you may happen to be the sole serious photographer in your travel group. Your friends may also bring anything from dSLRs to compacts to phones and are primarily shooting for memories and to post vacation photos on FB or whatever.

So you may spend some time during the trip doing some solo photowalks and devote some considerable time & effort to set up landscape, urban night shots, etc. And by the end of the trip everyone wants to share photos and of course you post some of your photos on your social media network of choice and share those among all the friends you travelled with.

But I've encountered people (not close friends) who ive travelled with who have the expectation that everyone share and exchange their original full size images with a each other. Now if they are group photos or pics I've taken of my friends Im more than happy to give them originals so they can do with as they please. However when it comes to my other shots, they can be happy with whatever scaled down images I've shared on my social media and that's it.

I think a good rule is this: If it's a photo of them you should share full sized images with them. If you get the feeling they're entitled jerks ask for a model release first. They shouldn't expect anything beyond that.

I'm probably a lot different than you, though, in that that the level of friend someone needs to be for me to share photos with them is much lower than the level of friend would have to be before I shared vacation time with them.

Even when I've gone on photo specific trips with my photographer friends, I consider their work their work and mine, mine. Ive never asked original files from them and vice versa.

Your a photographer and they're not. In their minds your photos only have currency in that other people might want to see them. That's probably true of most travels shots ever taken. Its only the rare few that have travel shots with monetary value, where other people would actually agree to pay for them. Most non-photographers don't understand or appreciate that photographs from people they know could have such value. If this is you, politely decline the request.

What's everyone's elses take on this? Is it being ungenerous, withholding or reasonable to not want to freely give all your original full res travel photos to someone else just because they travelled with you.

It is ungenerous and withholding not to give someone something they ask for. Whether or not its reasonable depends on what you plan to do with the photos. If they're just going to live on your hard drive until it crashes and otherwise do nothing, I don't see the reason for keeping them hidden away. That's your right, of course, but seems to be a waste. If you have plans or hopes to do something more with the photographs then its not unreasonable, although it may be unrealistic.

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