Sony A7R: What options for 24mm?

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Re: Sony A7R: What options for 24mm?

stevo23 wrote:

The 25mm biogon is not as bad as I would have thought. I still question it's value at this point for me - compared to a $136 Nikkor 24mm AIS 2.8. It's a matter of strategy and patience. If you already have the biogon, it's worthwhile. If not, the money can be saved toward a native mount version if/when it comes out.

And we hope that Sony adapts a version of their 24mm A-mount lens for the A7. The 24mm A mount distagon is perhaps perfection in this focal length. I would be very happy to see an f/2.8 FE version.

Thank you, I appreciate your advice. If you have some pictures that you can upload, please do (or perhaps a Flickr page?). Both the good and the bad...

My problem is that I need a (20-)25mm lens NOW. Sonyalpharumors seems to believe that Sony will announce two new FE lenses at the same time as the A77 successor in early may. If so I guess that the lenses will be availible some time this summer. One of them will most likely be the ultra wide F4 zoom seen on the Sony FE lens roadmap.

Zeiss will release manual focusing Zeiss FE lenses. "Definitely to be announced at Photokina. Likely 'based' on the great Zeiss ZM series", writes Sonyalpharumors. (Photokina is mid sept) Probably availible some time this fall. But then I would likte to see some good reviews before ordering, so I guess in 6 months time, we'll ha a lot more options than today.

BTW, I found some images taken with ZM25/2.8 with both A7 and A7r on Flickr, the A7 pics looked much better, I'll try to link/upload them later.

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