A7, Canon 70d, Or a6000?

Started Mar 20, 2014 | Questions thread
darklamp Senior Member • Posts: 3,567
Only change if ...

You should only change camera if :

  • You prefer the handling of one of those systems to the others so much that it's worth the change.
  • They offer something your existing camera cannot do
  • There is a particular type of lens you want that is not available for your existing camera but the other one has a suitable lens.

The A7 is a very good camera. You can shoot static subjects with any camera. There would be little difference from your point of view between the results from any of these systems.

Should you move to other types of photography ( like sports or where you need to use flash ) the Canon 70D ( or some other DSLRs ) might be better for the lens options, focus systems and flash capabilities they offer. However at present you have a good camera ( with the best sensor of the three ) that will do well for you if you learn to use it.

There is a Sony E-mount forum here which you should visit.

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