Trouble for Nikon?

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Re: Trouble for Nikon?

t.c. marino wrote: i see a lot of former nikon shooters on the PENTAX and fuji forums..and a WHOLE lot on the "other" camera forum...the one with the "white L" lenses

wisep01 wrote: So true. And because of that selective pressure, the one's who stay behind will comprise the most vocal apologists, who will increasingly preach to a choir---an ever-shrinking one.

Do you mean this forum?

And this one?

The grass may seem greener on the other side but in the end it's really still just grass.

Granted, how well a company responds to their manufacturing issues does indeed matter and no doubt Nikon has learned their lesson the hard way (and I certainly hope so.) In the meantime no company is immune from design and/or manufacturing failures.  Not one. Whether it's Mercedes-Benz or Toyota; Porsche or General Motors.

The reality is that humans tend to revel in the failures of others. Which is why videos of people damaging themselves and stories of failed celebrities and politicians are so popular. Immediately attacking another person or any entity's shortcomings soothes the emotions of the inadequacies of our own lives and of our very own personal failures.

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