Will the Nikon D5 be a mirrorless full-frame camera?

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Re: think outside the box... LARGE and HEAVY mirrorless

I think the only really good reason to remove the mirror box with all it's advantages (no-lag TTL view, reduced power consumption, effective filter usage,...) is to reduce the size, and I don't think this is a major problems for the target buyer of a pro-DSLR like the D4 or 1Dx.

Just a note about the flash idea... maybe you noted that all the pro-DSLR do not have a flash at all, and the reason is not that it would cost too much to put one in a 5000euro camera.

Alex Notpro wrote:

Many people have a lack of imagination and think mirrorless cameras can only be made light and small.

The OP ponders putting mirrorless into a D4-like body, not a small camera at all.

Imagine what could be done with all the extra space in the camera body, freed up by not having a mirror and wasteful flange distance -

- humongous batteries.

- built-in high-powered flash or continuous lighting

- extra memory/storage (you'll need it for the high FPS)

- glove compartment... LOL

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