Trouble for Nikon?

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Consumer right? Corrupt government? Nationalism? It's everything.

China is not a lawless country but Chinese officials very often exercise law selectively. It happens to all investors, foreign and domestic. No exception.

When an investor has strong local support (by bride, favoritism, or local needs), China central government usually won't challenge the locals directly - honors among thieves. Instead, it will take an end-run: State-owned TV will fire the first shot which would be broadcasted nationwide on every station. Web will do the rest. When the whole country is pointing fingers to Nikon, its protector knows it's time to shut up. Now the central government can step in and fix the problem. Face saved, case solved, citizen happy, ... Nikon should feel lucky for the treatment it received. It could be a lot worse - A Japanese company dumping trash in China, after losing its protection?

None of these would happen if not for D600's shutter. Nikon had it coming.

Nikon played dumb in U.S., Nikon dumbly played in China.

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