ZS40 versus LF1 Imaging Resources Comparison

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Re: ZS40 versus LF1 Imaging Resources Comparison

Erik Ohlson wrote:

Lobalobo wrote:

Erik Ohlson wrote:

Ummm...... there is a huge noticeable difference in the proportinal scale, bottom right, as well as the colored thread, progressivly sofet away from the center on LF1.

Advantage ZS40, simply no contest.

Sorry, I hate to disagree, but that's what I'm seeing.

Your eyes must be much better than mine. I see little difference save that the ZS colors are punchier with greater contrast, which can easily be adjusted. I'm not knocking the ZS40; in fact the point of my post was to say that the larger sensor and more modest-zoom lens seem to make little difference, at least in good light. But I think it's a stretch to say that the ZS image is superior (and as I mention after the post, when this image is printed, the white is truer in the LF image, though that may be an artifact of my setup, and can also be adjusted). Then there is the fact that the LF1 has a faster lens, significantly faster (no denying this), and the ZS40 is 25% heavier and 20% thicker than the LF1, not insignificant factors in a shirt pocket (something I can say from experience with both the LF1 and ZS cameras). I'd love to keep both, but I know I'll not use both if I do, particularly because I have and will keep an LX7. Not an easy choice, I think.

Awww..... geeze! I don't want to quarrel, here, but - pretty please - put two windows on your screen with this thread's fist post - OK?

Now, click "Original size" for each - yeah, that overfills the screen, but ...indulge me, please.

Now, in each "original size" image, right next to each other at the same time & same magnification, navigate to the lower right corner & use the little "Cursor Magnifying glass" to enlarge the image some more.

Now, consider the numbers "14 thru 20".

Case closed, no contest, the ZS40 is just sharper: I'm SORRY, it just IS.

I was actuallt a bit surpeised, the difference doesn't need "Pixil Peeping.

And, yeah the numbers on those proportional scales are pretty sharp - one is sitting right next to my keyboard just now.

I'm in full agreement with Erik. The ZS40 is sharper by a country mile and the dynamic range appears just the same. The proportional scale thingy is screaming a difference in sharpness as are the threads to the right. I'm a detester of pixel peeping but for once I used the loupe tool and it becomes very obvious when you do. Clear advantage ZS40.

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