upgrade fz 150 to 200

Started Mar 20, 2014 | Discussions thread
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heinerpattaya Regular Member • Posts: 178
upgrade fz 150 to 200

Hi guys,

I have the Leica incarnation of the fz 150 and would like to upgrade to the fz 200 (V Lux 4) but need some advice from people who realy did it - I read everyhting on the net already, so I need real advice:

Picture processing: the FZ 200 has the "Venus Engine VII FHD" - one hour search could not get me the one used in the FZ 150 - type in "specs" and you get only blahbla, weight etc and the best offers - so is it an improvement?

I shoot ONLY jpegs!!!!

F 2.8: does it help in low light? For the FZ 150 I sometimes wish to have one or 2 stops more.

VF obviously much better!?!?!? I use only VF never LCD.

AF: a little bit faster could help.

On some length and certain light conditions the FZ 150 jpegs look a bit "bleached" like there is some haze in the air - maybe it is only mine - any experience? FZ 200 better in this?

BTW I like the handling and the controls, these kind of cameras (got the FZ 28 as well) are made for me!!

Best regards


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