LX8 coming soon??

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Re: physics

Gaze wrote: [...] I still use and treasure my LX5. I leave the wide angle 18mm conversion lens on it all the time for landscapes or tight spaces or special shots. The LX5 with its conversion lens is a REAL gem and it's irreplaceable!! [...]

That's what I thought of my LX3 and its 18mm conversion lens ... until the LX7 came along and usurped it with the LX5's 18mm lens.

[...] Question: I have a feeling that if I post photos from both cameras either on the Fuji forum or the Panny forum I'll get slammed ….lol. Is it OK to post photos from both cameras here on this forum? I really don't want to cause any trouble.

Thank you for your polite question. If it has some connection with Panasonic models I don't mind.

It'll be very interesting to see what happens to high-end compact cameras at the end of next year for Panny, Sony and Fuji.

I think that Panasonic might consider an LX9 with some of the items trialled on the LF1 and ZS40, such as a lens ring control, Wifi, and GPS. I would also be pleased if it included a decent time lapse capability as well.

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