Full Frame Fuji ETA

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Re: Full Frame Fuji ETA

jnd wrote:

When you will donate all the resources to develop and maintain yet another complete system with new sensors, processing, mount and lens lineup, including promoting this line and finding a fitting place in the market for it so it will make a profit. Good luck.

I would love to know which generates the most profits; apc or full frame?  My guess is full frame.  I see a lot of apc dslr cameras for sale with a kit lens for 500-700 dollars.  There just can't be much profit especially considering that the dealer has to make at least a few dollars.

Fuji will definitely offer a full frame camera.  Just like Canon, Nikon and Sony.  The only question is when.

I suspect it won't be long that an apc sensor will be offered in a smart phone.

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