considering pentax. k3 or k5iis ?

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considering pentax. k3 or k5iis ?

Hi everyone who cares to read this...
Ive had quite a bit of experience with dslrs in the past. Some 3 years ago i had amd sold over 10k worth of d700 and nikon pro lenses. Also had d300 before and nex 5n and about 6 months ago i got old 5d (original ) which proved to be 500$ mistake ...
I always eyeballed pentax and mostly what is appealing is weather sealing great value for the money and great ergonomics ( i cant stand anything from nikon other then d300 d700 or d800 and im not rich so d3s or d4 is out ...)
Can anyone who owns or owned both k3 and kii5s or ever k5ii enlighten me here?? Opinions vary ...some say k5iis has better high iso performance others k3 has much better AF and low light af performance etc etc ( both quick focus and high iso are important to me).

I also like the fact that dng is used instead of proprietary raw format of different camera makers.

How "stretchable" or " pushable" are pentax dng files in photoshop?? Can they take lot of punishment so to speak?

Only thing that kinda worries me is quite a lot of reports of AF motors on pentax lenses going out ...
I dont think i "need" 24 mp of k3 but sometimes it might come handy. Is k3 visibly worse in high iso say 6400 then k5iis?

Both can be had for very decent price... k5iis is 500$ cheaper on BH at the moment...

Last year i just had sony rx100 which is great but real camera is real camera and sometimes i miss it. Also considered new fuji xt-1 and oly e-m1 but id rather get aps-c sensor. I also just looked at d5300 but i much prefer dual dials and more direct control via buttons for everything.

Also considered d610 but when i had d700 i actually didnt like some aspects of the full frame like for example getting enough dof for some landscape shots was quite difficult at times and other stuff.i think apsc is a sweet spot for me .

Some of my attempts from few years ago can be seen on my pbase.

Thanks to everyone who takes time to answer my questions.

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