Travelling with just an iPhone camera?

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Phone cameras are the Instamatics of the 21st century

Poor quality from the typical Kodak Instamatic didn't prevent millions of snapshots from being taken back in the day. A phone camera serves the same purpose as the Instamatic and is along with us almost wherever we go. The phone is today's lowest common denominator in cameras, much like the Instamatic was in its day. Clearly phone cameras are far superior to the Instamatic.

To be more precise on terminology I'm using the term Instamatic to describe the inexpensive variety 126 film cameras that were flooded into the mass market by Kodak. There were a few cameras using 126 film with what appear to be reasonable optics that would be better than the ones most of us saw or used. Maybe someone had experience with an Instamatic Reflex , Contaflex 126 or similar that could shed some light on these cameras.

Does the quality of a phone camera meet your expectations? For me the answer was no for Instamatics and no for phone cameras. If I only had my iphone with me I probably would try to get a photo in a pinch. For planned travel a phone camera would never be sufficient.

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