Do I need to go dual system?

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Re: Do I need to go dual system?

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Dan_168 wrote:

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Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Buy a 10th lens. I am serious.

Another TS-E, and a a7R to go with it?

That would be a great combo, seriously, I am a dual system Canon 1DS3 1DS2 and Nikon D800E users and actually planning to add the A7R so I can use my TSE 17 on a 36 MP high DR sensor, sounds like a great combo for landscape. as much as l like the D800E but it kind of sucks to let the TSE 17 and TSE 24 sit in the closet, so A7R is a really attractive alternative, but I actually hate the small form factor of the a7R and wish I can have that sensor in the 1DS body.

Everyone has different priority. To me small/light body (and lenses) is #1 reason to get A7R (the same as I got EOS-M package earlier). In the evening in my trip, just left 5D3 in hotel. Carried A7R on my shoulder without a bag. FE 35 or FE 55 (that going to acquire) on A7R is so small/light and so easy to carry with, together with a 2.2 lb traveling tripod. For WA I could stitch photos. FE 35 is already pretty sharp lens (at f/5.6 it's sharper) and FE 55 is further noticeably sharper with whopping 29 mpix in DXO test that can rival $4K Zeiss Otus 55/1.4 that is a MF lens on D800E (and we know its LV is not very good).

FE 35 on A7R. Salzburg, Austria

I sure understand your point, that's why the mirrorless is getting so popular these day, it's a personal preference thing, nice shot by the way. at one point I was thinking I can take advantage with a smaller camera than my 1DS3 so I purchased a NEX7 for my snowboarding and hiking trip, but after few backpacking trips with that system it ended up in my girlfriend's house and she brought it back and complaining why you gave me a such big camera, LOL. so ended up on Craigslist, LOL.

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