Pre-wedding questions

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Re: I'm puzzled.

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

Flyinmotion wrote:

We'll do casual shots around town first and if it turns out
I can handle more we can shoot with her wedding dress.

My friend and her fiancé has resort photographer included in their wedding package (in Maui). So, no worry about that. Well, I'm going to bring my gears, but just for fun and for my family short vacation trip.

A co-worker of mine didn't do a wedding ceremony. Instead the couple invited their best friends over and told them that they were the wedding party and were going out to celebrate. Along with a friend who was a photographer, they walked around the neighborhood having fun, filling up a wedding album full of shots.

With that serving as the context, the pictures as a whole were great. Apparently the photographer called out backgrounds that looked interesting and had everyone pose, act natural, etc. They ate dinner and dessert at several restaurants, and the photographer was always looking for interesting angles. So it wasn't a documentary style wedding. As you can imagine, everyone was very relaxed. Doing a group selfie with a DSLR with wide angle lens beats doing one with an iphone...

This is a great idea. Thanks.

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