Struggling with purchase options. X Vario or used M9

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Re: Struggling with purchase options. X Vario or used M9

Here is a list

A) If you ever need shallow dof, forget the xvario, unless its macro.

B) If you can't stand manual focusing, or ur job requires very fast decision, i am afraid none of these camera would be ideal. Perhaps an oly EP5 or OMD.

C) you have shaky hands. Forget the Xvario, u need good light to have sharp photos. This is true for all other cameras but others have image stabilization that is much better. Its a bit better on the M9 if you dont mind sticking ur eye to the viewfinder all the time cause that provides some stability, btw, using the VF on M9 is actually more intrusive than the Xvario for street shoot on nearby people. my 2c.

D) What you see on the rangefinder is not exactly what u will get. Bear this in mind. for eg, try shooting a guy with a perfect structure behind u notice after shooting the guy is like a bit off from where u thought he should be. So for jobs, i am not sure if this is what u can accept.

If you must buy leica and u don't care about shallow DOF, Xvario is your best choice. M9 is a rangefinder that on used market, might need calibration, manual focusing is not for everyone and it does makes a loud shutter sound if you want to go stealthy .

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