G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

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Re: G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling ... agree ... many could see it coming ...

have been long advocating Canon endow it's flagship prosumer PowerShot G model with full mini- version of classic EOS-1 controls from its bigger dSLR line, where both 'body controls' backthumbwheel/topfingerdial be dedicated to aperture and speed (ISO topdial/alt control w/button)

any 'lens controls' like continuous zoom/focus be allowed on separate rings on lens like most EF/EFS Zooms.

get rid of stepped ring, which is a remnant of stepped aperture controls (or other values) from film era cameras/lenses. the soft-steps of the thumbwheel or fingerdial can handle other alt values as needed.

get rid of 'flip-up/down' screen; it's nowhere as flexible as Canons classic VASS (Vari-Angle Swivel Screen)

offer VASS-270deg like before

make the grip more substantial; I dislike near-gripless bar-soap/block/slab bodies that never feel secure in one's hands (can you imagine EOS 5D//6D/7D/70D/1D series with flat slab bodies and a thin grip like a S110 !? no thx!)

reintegrate the EVF into the body, but allow for Vari-Angle Swivel VF, not just tilt/flip up (videocams have had this a long time): ideally, angles up/vertical, in between, straight/level, slightly down, fully/partially left and right.

clean-up the body strap loops, it sticks out and can scrape other things stored with it. uncharacteristic of integrated PowerShot bodies.

EVF weakness, true for all mfrs, will not have refresh rates fast enough for fast /live action lateral panning/framing focus (assuming focus can keep up with panning. so option coild be optical VF attachment intended for the fastest pan/tracking duties not everyone eill be doing. most will shoot slower action, or portrait/lanscape stills.

I like the 24-120mm eq fov lens, the sensor, and Canon's usual exposure simulation live preview; but dislike everything else. my Sony R1 has mini-EOS-1 controls, live preview, zoom ring, focus ring, EVF and VASS !

and where is a more flexible custom JPEG M.E. (Multiple Exposure) function, and full M/M ISO custom exposure HDR function (not auto)!?

... make us/me wait ... forever ?!

maybe, Canon will do a PowerShot Pro1 update: Pro1 X !!!

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