Do I need to go dual system?

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Re: Yes.

DFPanno wrote:

My RX1 kicks my 5D3's butt.

A7R or D800E (D800ES) will produce images your 5D3 can't manage.

I'm hoping a 5D4 with a rocking' sensor is on its way.

Hope the same thing myself. If it's at least as much resolution and DR as the Sony sensor, with 3.x FPS and the 60D AF system (60 not 6), sign me up for the first production model.
That's what I was expecting the 5D3 to be. In the footsteps of the 5D2... The 5D3 turned out to be a different class of 5D. Very nice all purpose camera with amazing AF, but not what I was expecting. I already had a 7D for action type stuff, and I wasn't expecting, or hoping for, a FF 7D or poor man's 1DX. I think Canon was caught between a rock and a hard place, and had to jazz up the 5D2 features for the 5D3, because they didn't have any better sensor technology. I had a 60D, and that focus system would have been a fine upgrade for the 5D2, with a class leading sensor.

Water under the bridge now, two years later. Technology marches on.

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