Would switching form NEX7, help me with focus on my kids?

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Re: Would switching form NEX7, help me with focus on my kids?

marubex wrote:

Thanks for the input. I would look at the sony a6000 also but until there are some testers /reviews around there is now way to know how the AF actually works!

So far I think some options would be EM-10, GX7 or possibly EPL5? Thinking maybe EM-10 would be best for me, given the specs and price, like the humpless designs of the other two.

Please see my other post in this thread of yours for lens suggestion.

I have no experience with the GX7; my recollection of PANA jpegs (from G1 - 3) has been that the colour is less than ideal straight out of camera.  The OLY cameras have always had great colour straight out.  YMMV or you may like RAW.

Having said that, you should consider what you are looking for:

If you want the NEX 7 style just m43 format then GX7 is the way to go. I would add the EP-5 but seeing that rumours abound for a new one you'll have to decide on that.

If you want DSLR then EM-10 would be the way to go.  Do note that though newer the EM-10 has a slower shutter speed - 1/4000 vs the 1/8000 - and yeah there are people that state the EP-5 has shutter shock; I have not experienced that.  For my hands, I would get the horizontal grip too.

EPL-5 is a nono here as you really want that wifi inclusive camera (GX7, EP-5, EM-10 and EM-1 all are) that helps you upload your pics so much more effectively.

One more thing to note; though the same system the pana and oly cameras don't play nice with each other.  I had the 12-35mm on my EM-5s; and the distortion and vignetting were horrible; i suspect pana camera owners won't see this but would if they used the 12-40mm.  You have to consider this also.

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