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Re: Ironwork

Sure I have more photos...

I do agree with quite a few of the comments about the posing and the flat lighting... but as always when you are a beginner, in a rush and the model is not really a model this is what you get...

I enjoyed reading the comments and on many occasions I do learn quite a bit.

Here are the photos (taken in 2012 when I was a beginner) to keep everyone occupied : )

24Peter wrote:

Mark Kanawati wrote:

Mark - you have a real gift in terms of selecting your models and overall I like the image. It is a little busy between the dress and railing - maybe some selective use of light to focus attention on her face and upper body? You could easily do this in Photoshop. And I think the composition could be improved. The upper left corner of the image in particular is dead space and might be fixed by cropping tighter to your subject.

But those are mostly nits. Do you have any more photos of her?

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