Do I need to go dual system?

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Re: Do I need to go dual system?

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As long as it's your money I think you should get the D800 and buy 9 expensive Nikon lenses to go with it.
Oorrrrrrr wait and see what Canon does, what's the hurry?

I'm no spring chicken and I'm getting older in a hurry Among other things, I like to shoot landscapes, and it's hard to argue with that D800 sensor for landscapes. I still haven't ruled out the a7R.

If you like to do landscapes then a Sony A7R with the Canon TSE 17 and 24mm. Take a look...

Indeed. I am very impressed by A7R for evening shots. I pushed shadow +100 (and sometime even added another +0.3 ~ +1 EV) in LR5, still pretty clean in shadows.

24-70L II on A7R. Prague, 20 sec exposure

24-70L II on A7R. 30-sec exposure. I know need to clean dusts.

24-70L II on A7R. Budapest.

I also carried 17mm TS-E. However just before the trip I found my copy suddenly has severe decenter issue. Even without any T/E and precisely focus at right side. The 1/4 part of photo at right side is very messy so I didn't use much in my recent trip. I found actually it's (much) easier to use 17mm TS-E lens on A7R than on 5D3. You might not believe it but it's true. With 5D3, I need to measure metering before T/E, then change to manual mode and start T/E and then struggle between OVF and LV before taking a photo. With A7R, no such need and I still can shoot at A mode as its LV automatically will update metering when T/E out and EVF is so easy to check actual metering and live histogram before even you taking photos. Also A7R MF is (much) easier with focus-assistant (also focus peaking but I didn't count on). Press C1 button once, it goes to 7x and twice goes to 14x magnification thru either LCD or better with EVF such as under bright sunlight (auto switch between). Here is a sample you can see the severe decentering at right side. I am sending it to Canon for repairing. I have no idea when the lens developed into this issue. In my last trip to Mexico it's still good and I didn't use much in the past. Could be during trip to Africa although I almost didn't use it actually. But now I have more reasons to use it on A7R and actually lots easier.

17mm TS-E on A7R. Vienna, Austria

I wouldn't move to the 800 unless I got the 800E

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'Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed.' ~ Winogrand

Man, that is some crazy detail on that 20 sec shot with the 24-70! That is nuts! Great micro contrast (I am a nerd) Just fantastic, beautiful shot. A friend of mine just got one with the same setup as Fred Miranda and with the 17mm TSE and like you, he also says it's a lot easier to use on the Sony. He really likes it but it is a one trick camera for him which is okay because he does only landscape and macro.

I can't get over how small the Sony is compared to my 5dmkII, but it feels like a chunk of metal.

Thanks for sharing!

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'Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed.' ~ Winogrand

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