Do I need to go dual system?

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Re: Do I need to go dual system?

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John Zeman wrote:

As long as it's your money I think you should get the D800 and buy 9 expensive Nikon lenses to go with it.
Oorrrrrrr wait and see what Canon does, what's the hurry?

I'm no spring chicken and I'm getting older in a hurry Among other things, I like to shoot landscapes, and it's hard to argue with that D800 sensor for landscapes. I still haven't ruled out the a7R.

If you like to do landscapes then a Sony A7R with the Canon TSE 17 and 24mm. Take a look...

I wouldn't move to the 800 unless I got the 800E

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I've been over there reading the massive message thread about it, but I hadn't seen the review. Thanks for the link!

Really impressive stuff. PITA implementation with the adapter and DIY internal reflection solution, but really impressive results. Really do not want to go that route and really do not want a Sony product, but I cannot overlook the idea. Dog gone shame Canon can't get their act together

Once positive about the a7R that we probably won't see from Canon, when and if we ever see a high res and high DR Canon body, is the tilt screen. I have a Nexus 7 that I've been trying as a pseudo tilt screen with my 5D3, and it's a horribly clumsy and frustrating joke compared to a built-in tilt screen. I can't even think about getting it out of my bag in the amount of time it takes to flip out a built-in tilt screen.

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