Fast normal prime lens for Pentax?

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Re: Fast normal prime lens for Pentax?

SpyderDoom wrote:

Thank you all. I'm considering the Pentax K-50 as my first DSLR ever, among the entry level ones from Canon, Nikon and Sony. It looks bombproof.

Should I get the body only (with what aftermarket lens?), go for the basic or the double kit?

As it's your first DSLR I advise buying just the 18-55 kit lens with it.  Use this lens for a couple of months (at least) until you've learned your camera.  Then analyse the pictures you've taken to find out which focal lengths you use most - or want: you may find you want something wider than 18mm, longer than 55mm or faster than f/3.5-5.6.

I know it seems attractive to cover "every" FL (although the double kit misses the range 8-18mm which is only 10mm but has an area of view range of 5X, which is about the same as the 55-125mm FL range).  The extra FOV at wide angles speaks for itself.  It's less obvious, but often very important, that kit tele-zooms are painfully slow.

Although you've been pointed to some excellent normal primes I think the sensible one to start with is the DA35/2.4.  Because it's so cheap it means you have money in the bank for better lenses once you've decided what you'll want in the longer term.  Someone suggested the 18-135 lens; for about the same price you can get the 18-55WR kit lens, DA35/2.4 and DFA100/2.8WR macro. Note that I'm not saying you should buy this set - that's something to decide in the future.  All I'm saying is don't spend a lot of money until you've built some experience.

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