ZS40 versus LF1 Imaging Resources Comparison

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Re: ZS40 versus LF1 Imaging Resources Comparison

Lobalobo wrote:

My dilemma, like that for many, is whether the LF1 is worth keeping when the ZS40 offers so much more in zoom, both wider and (much) longer. The LF1 is lighter and smaller, a big plus if carrying in a pocket particularly in the summer where there aren't coats. The LF1 also has a faster lens (at least at the wide end and probably through the range they share) and a larger sensor. This has been covered in other threads. What strikes me though in comparing test shots on Imaging Resources is that there does not seem to be a significant (or any) noticeable difference in photo quality, at least in good light, not even while pixel peeping. This leads me to lean toward the ZS40 despite the extra weight and slower lens. Hard choice, but a good one to have to make. Here are crops from Imaging Resources at ISO 100:

The LF1 seems to have a truer white when these are printed (at least in my setup), but this is nitpicking as even printed, there is little if any noticeable difference.

Ummm...... there is a huge noticeable difference in the proportinal scale, bottom right, as well as the colored thread, progressivly sofet away from the center on LF1.

Advantage ZS40, simply no contest.

Sorry, I hate to disagree, but that's what I'm seeing.   

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