ZS40 versus LF1 Imaging Resources Comparison

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Re: ZS40 versus LF1 Imaging Resources Comparison

This proves exactly what I've been maintaining for some time. I could detect no discernable difference in the IQ from my TZ30, LF1 or Canon S100. My TZ60 IQ is, if anything better than my TZ30 so by definition there will be no differences between it and the LF1 either.. I gave Erik Ohlson a link to my S100/TZ30 comparisons and he agreed - any differences were so minimal as to be insignificant.

Comparing the two images you've presented here, I would say that without doubt the TZ60 IQ is better - it is considerably sharper in the corners then that from the LF1

No doubt the nerds will now clamour to condemn my point of view, claiming that the LF1 is smaller by a zillionth of an inch along axis XY and is also lighter by a few grams but it will make no difference - I sold my LF1 to fund the purchase of my TZ60 and I have no regrets at all, in fact I'm overjoyed

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