Hard to believe - but 28mm f2.8 and 28mm f3.5 Nikon primes beaten by A7 kit lens

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Re: Hard to believe - but 28mm f2.8 and 28mm f3.5 Nikon primes beaten by A7 kit lens

osv wrote:

Mel Snyder wrote:

OOC image of the 28mm f2.8 at f2.8 - note the branches of tree at far left, evergreen at far right - worse on left = decentering?

the tree branches above the blue house, right side, are just as soft and hammered looking as the tree branches on the far left side... i'm not really seeing any decentering yet.

shooting it at f2.8 not an aperture that you want to use for landscapes like this, because of field curvature of the lens... that f2.8 shot would probably look significantly worse on my a7r

lock that lens down on a tripod and shoot it all apertures, it should look better at f8 and even f10.

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Dan, you're probably right. But I'm trying to nail down a travel kit, and each lens in it has to have a "reason." I explored the 28mm as a "closeup lens" - but it lost to the kit.

And so, as of now, for my May trip to Northern Israel, up as far as the Syrian and Lebanese borders, is

  • The A7, 4 extra batteries, 10 Class 10 SD cards, a mix of 8 and 16GB
  • The kit lens is a walk-around.
  • The 35mm f1.4 Summilux is my general shooting lens. Love it. Stopped down to f2-2w through f5.6-8, it is my go-to lens. It is like a second pair of eyes
  • The 17mm Tokina f3.5 AT-X Pro is the landscape and cathedral interior lens. My waist-shooting market lens. Hoping someday to replace it with the 16-35mm FE when it comes out
  • The 90mm f2.8 Tele-Elmarit is the low light longer lens. Tiny and light
  • The 55-210mm Sony and the 16mm+UWA plus NEX-6 is my A7 backup system - plus a long lens I can use if I really need long. 16mm on the NEX-6 goes where no other camera can go.
  • Series VII polarizing filter for the Leica lenses, 55mm CP for the kit lens, 77mm CP filter for the Tokina; lens shades for all lenses
  • Nikon lens brush, small Giotto blower in my jacket pocket

Then - not carried but in a separate small case in the car trunk/boot:

  • 50mm f2 Summicron - I wish it was a more favored focal length. I need to shoot it more often. It is the very best lens I own or ever owned. I just don't use it enough.
  • 24mm f2 Canon FDn. If I find I am going to a really dark place and want an extra interiors lens beyond the 17mm, this will be the lens
  • 135mm f3.5 Canon screw-mount rangefinder lens. Very sharp, very small, but heavy
  • The 16-50PZ for the NEX-6, in case the A7 dies
  • Some small flash unit and the wireless trigger set I just bought, plus 8 AA cells and 4 AAA trigger batteries
  • Two battery charges (in case one dies)
  • 10 extra SD cards
  • A table-top tripod that also can function as a chest pod
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