Developing α7 RAW images

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Re: Developing α7 RAW images

Rick V wrote:

1) When you all say you are using a certain “RAW Converter Program for conversion”, is it for ALL/COMPLETE workflow from start to finish? I just need to pick one and learn it as best I can?

you have lightroom, right? open up an image and start working on it! i don't use lr, so i have no idea how far you can go with it, in terms of complete image processing, cropping, resizing, etc.

2) Do you use one program to convert the RAW image to DNG/TIFF/JPEG, then take that image, and apply changes toward a finished photo in another program? And if this is the workflow, do you make ANY CHANGES in the RAW file at all before initially converting to DNG/TIFF/JPEG?

adobe has a free downloadable image converter that accepts the sony raw file as an input, and then spits out a dng raw file(no user processing on the file)... you can then open the dng file up with any raw processor.

but if you have a raw processing program that opens the sony file up without conversion to dng, why bother converting it to dng?

i have to convert to dng, because photoshop cs5 won't accept sony raw files.

however, i also have dxo, which will accept sony raw files... i can tweak the sony raw file there quite a bit, then have dxo spit out a dng raw file, which i can then open up in photoshop.

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