The most annoying new fad in photography

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Re: The most annoying new fad in photography

tarakanchik wrote:

Midwest wrote:

On one hand, as I don't know the young lady in the photo here, it doesn't do a lot for me. On the other hand, if I think back over all the photos I've taken, and those taken by others which I've enjoyed viewing and found memorable, probably 95% of them are shots of people which do affect me or connect to my soul. No photo of a bug, sunset, seashore or flower can do that for me.

And that's fine, Midwest, as photography is purely subjective and thus, different-strokes-for-different-folks approach is perfectly suitable here. For me, it's completely opposite - pictures of people I don't know with nothing else captivating in the shot do very little for me, regardless of how well they're executed.

I am in complete agreement with you. Photos of strangers as-such don't do anything for me either unless they are engaging in some way that connects with me. The b/w shot of the young lady posted a few posts up this thread, it's nice nothing of interest to me.

I don't find any emotional connection with them and, frankly, don't usually care for the story behind them.

That's what I say, there has to be something that connects to me or else it's lost on me.

A beautiful sunset, on the other hand, captivates me greatly, even if I've seen a thousand of them. It's just that I find greater connection with, or draw more enjoyment out of, nature. The great thing here is that we're both right! It's simply a matter of personal taste and I can promise the proverbial 'you' that there's literally nothing that can be said to convince me otherwise (in fact, it's like telling me something that I've tried many times and didn't like tastes good); and I'm sure the opposite is true. Does that make me a bad person? I certainly don't think so. Some people like pictures of nature, others like pictures of people, (and yet other people enjoying filming themselves opening boxes :\) it's as simple as that. Not really sure why either side is trying to convince the other that they're wrong or why there's even such an argument to begin with.

No disagreement here, I suppose it's all where on the scale various subject lie for you or me or anyone else. Someone (else) who dismisses photos of people as, was it 'sweating meat'? Well I have to wonder about that attitude.

I will say, however, and lastly, that I found the recent DPR post of a Russian lady taking pictures of her kids quite interesting. But I think it's because most shots were taken outside in a nice natural setting and pleasing light.

Recently someone uploaded a shot to his dpreview gallery (can't find it today) of a young mother holding a baby and looking over her shoulder was a boy, probably the 'big brother', and the shooter caught the kid in mid huge-yawn. I thought it was a great catch of a moment. All I remember for sure was that it was posted in b/w and rather shadowy lighting, but I loved the shot.

As far as photos of personal acquaintances and family members (well taken shots), for me there will always be another sunset or landscape but those people in the photos may leave me someday, so in that way they have the highest level of value.

We can enjoy what we like, discuss why we do, and remain civil - that is a good thing for sure.

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