Thinking of leaving Fuji

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Re: Thinking of leaving Fuji

Were it not for the fact both my shoulders have been surgically fixed over the last decade due on part to lugging around large DSLR systems I too would likely still be using them. They are still the typically preferred professional tool for most fast moving needs. It's very hard to beat the Fuji for portrait or static subject photography. They have indeed made massive improvements in their tracking technology in regards to autofocus. Their lenses are indeed gaining more than their share of accolades from professionals and amateurs alike. I feel the X-T1 is a pretty mature product in the grand scheme of things. But if bulk isn't an issue for you the D7100 is an excellent choice. I nearly got a D-610 which I was testing at home along with a 6D. In the end I sold off my EM1 and all mft stuff and returned the DSLR's to the dealer that I have a good relationship with that loaned them to me to try. The X-T1 in the end won out for IQ and ease of use and carry weight overall.

Since you have had both, what about xt1 build quality if compared to em1's? I had almost decided to go for the latter, but I then put it off after reading, on mft forum, several claims/complaints both from a cosmetic and functional standpoint. Thanks.

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