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This has been a very interesting thread so far. A bit over my head at times, but worthwhile to follow.

I'm not sure I have the patience for some of the levels of technical detail that others are willing to address. I'm a technical guy by profession, but I think I approach photography as my escape from some of that.

Totally hear you on that. It should be an art form with a certain level of technical precision, which varies from individual to individual. I'm definately into squeezing everything out of the sensor within reason and this seems fairly easy to do. It's like...you'd properly focus your images wouldn't you? I know thats a bit of a straw man argument but I guess i'm into exploiting the D800 as best as possible now I've owned it for a long time.

I'm glad you and others are out there taking these sorts of things as far as possible. I admire it. No criticism intended or implied.

I'm really just speaking for myself and where I find I like to apply my energies, such as they are. I have come to recognize that I am frequently comfortable giving up a some degree of perfection in image quality in exchange for a more personally comfortable approach to my shooting. I'm not saying that's better or worse, just where I seem to find the most satisfaction in my own work.

Regarding shooting with UNI-WB, I can appreciate the benefit, but I prefer to review an image on the back of the camera in Standard or Neutral profile. It's not that I don't care about proper exposure. As I mentioned earlier, when I know blowing one channel significantly ahead of the others may be a concern, I keep an eye on that channel.

If you use the Neutral profile, you're 90% of the way there.

If that's really true, for 10 percent this seems like a waste of time...

More or less!    But if you're shooting in sunlight most of the time, then you're in good shape.  If you're shooting in tungsten, then you can be pretty much sure that you're not blowing out the blue channel /most/ of the time.

You know what is really annoying about these camera's...when you take a shot of a landscape and get blinkies on the LCD, importing to lightroom there are no blinkies (which I know will be the case time after time so I just anticipate it). Infact you can overexpose quite a bit and pull it all back, which I do because I don't want to block up shadows. I'd love a histogram that just accurately showed exactly where you are and how far you can push it. Especially when considering ETTR for best DR and quality in the shadows.

The blinkies on the rear LCD review, like the histogram, are based on the in-camera JPG.  If you have Standard set as the picture control, then the highlights will be exaggerated by the Standard tone curve, and you will get blinkies a stop or so before you've actually clipped the sensor.

If you have Neutral set as the picture control, and WB more or less 5600K, then you will only see blinkies when the sensor is really clipped.  The same thing will also happen in LR or C1 of course.

And of course, there's no such thing as highlight 'recovery'; it's only a matter of knowing where the numbers really are.

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