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Re: OK, so you have a problem with spelling errors

T O Shooter wrote:

dread_tai wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

dread_tai wrote:

aut0maticdan wrote:

Its almost as if he accidentally used the wrong word which is strange. I know for sure that when I type things they always come out exactly as I intended.

i know that if i take the time to correct someone on spelling errors, i likely go back and proof what i wrote as well, to avoid looking like a loon, as well as immature (for correcting spelling errors on a gear forum).

How do you feel about grammar errors?

i don''s a gear forum.

but grammatical errors are ok.  Just wondering what your position was and where you draw the line! I thought spelling errors didn't need correction in a gear forum either, but you took the other position. Thanks for the clarification.  

i guess i give some too much credit.........

i was noting someone's feeble attempt to mock another's ability to criticise someone else b/c he misspelled a word; that this was ironic in that his own response included.........................wait for it...........................a misspelled word.

no lines drawn by me, or anyone else that i can see; i took neither position.

but your replies are cute, i s'pose.

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