Sharing travel photography original full size files with travel companions, yes or no?

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Re: Value of friendship vs. value of photos

Erik Magnuson wrote:

kayone wrote:

What's everyone's elses take on this? Is it being ungenerous, withholding or reasonable to not want to freely give all your original full res travel photos to someone else just because they travelled with you.

It's an unusual request, one that I've not heard of before, but IMHO:

  1. Did you know about this before you traveled with them, i.e. are you breaking your (explicit or implied) word?
  2. Do you want to travel with them again?
  3. Do you feel you got substantial extra value traveling with them, i.e. they took you places you would not go yourself or pointed out photo opportunities you would have missed on your own?
  4. Do you have a likely commercial or competitive interest in these photos such that if someone else publicly displays them (or even sells them), it will diminish your ability to use them?

If the answer to any of the first three is "yes" and the last one is "no", then why not?

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1. no, this was never expressly stated or a condition of travel before we set out

2. the one's who usually make these requests, no, I usually don't want to travel with them again but for separate reasons

3. again, no to this answer too, most of my photos I consider print worthy I got because of my own planning, efforts (to make it out to that location, paying the costs, etc, waking up early, staying up late, etc)

4. Yes to this.

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